Grow My Company




So, are you a good candidate for a financial trainer?

Here are few ways to check your pulse:

  • Are you coachable? Are you willing to do the training required for success?
  • Do you know that you don’t know what you do not know? (We know – that’s confusing.)
  • Do you want help resetting the vision and reshaping the culture of your company?

If so, let’s go. Let’s get it in gear!

We’ll start by creating your “Urgency Meter” to find out what matters to you and how you’re progressing toward your goals. Then we’ll start making progress on The Route to Wealth™, a journey and a process of reaching your company’s unique goals. Make no mistake about it: It’s not a cookie-cutter approach – and for good reason: Cookies aren’t helpful when you’re getting in shape.

And get in shape you will. We’ve got the tools to help you get from Point A to Point B, whether it’s with revenue growth, your corporate culture or your people. As you head toward your goal, we’ll create accountability metrics to help you track your performance. For example, can you identify your top 10 clients? Do you know how profitable they actually are? Do you have a grip on the cost of acquiring a new client? With our trainers by your side, you definitely will.

As you steadily head toward the finish line, we’ll help you navigate the road ahead using Profit Picture® Indicators. They will give you a quick glance of your financial spreadsheets so you can eliminate worry about the lay of the land – financially speaking, anyway.

See, at Ron Schutz – Planning Business Transitions we believe the road to success isn’t a sprint; it’s more like a marathon. It requires conserving your financial reserves and pacing yourself. We believe that more money is lost on the expense side of the equation than you might ever be able to make up in volume or revenue. So much for that goal of reinvesting money in your firm….

Which leads us to ask: Do you have that kind of financial energy to waste?

Nah, most people don’t. Hence the need for a financial trainer, someone to keep you focused on the goal of being a lean, mean, profitable-business machine – one that’s attractive to a potential buyer.

As to how we achieve that, we start by identifying “leakage” – the source of your financial energy drain – and then reallocating those resources to keep you going for the long haul. Leakage is a problem many companies can’t pinpoint, but it’s usually the culprit that’s cramping your style. Consider:

  • 401(k) Plans – Does your benefits plan meet your business’s current and future? Is there a way of re-shaping it to meet not only your desires, but also those of your employees while making your business more attractive to a potential buyer?
  • Bank Relationships – Are your bank relationships breathing or gasping for air? From current debt service to cash flow, we’ll look at the health of these financial relationships and then recommend ways to use these monies more effectively. As to how we do it, it’s all about LUCK: Liquidity, Use, Control of fund allocations, and Knowledge acquired from a boat-load of experience. We’ve been flexing of our mental muscles since 1968.